Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Fort Wayne Children's Zoo

Sunday after Church, I was so excited.  I finally got to go to the zoo!  Momma promised me if I would be a good helper while she packed, and a good boy while Daddy was gone to Indiana to work, that Daddy would take me to the zoo, when we got to Indiana.  I tried very hard to be good, and then we moved, and I waited and I waited and I waited.  I asked Momma, "Will I never get to go to the zoo?"  Finally on Sunday I got to go!

It wasn't bad at all when we first got there, when the sun was shining and the wind wasn't blowing it was just fine.  Sitting in the stroller I didn't even need my coat.  First we saw some bobcats up close, and then we watched them feed the monkeys and the penguins.  Apparently they all eat supper earlier than we do.  There were peacocks just walking around everywhere.  Ruth kept calling them but they wouldn't come to us.  My favorite part was the sea lions.  They swim really fast on their bellies and then on their backs.  One would wave to me every time he came past us.  I yelled, "HEY SEA LION, HI!" when he would swim by.  I think I heard him tell me hi too.

Next we walked through Australia.  Momma liked the kangaroos best, they hop all around you.  Several had babies in their pouches.  And one baby looked like he was too big because his tail and leg were hanging out, and his Momma was dragging the ground when she hopped.  I liked the bats best in that part of the zoo.  They were hanging by their feet on the rocks, and then flying around.  Next we headed over to the train where we needed our coats.  The conductor told us it was windy by the water, going fast in the train.

Ruth wanted to ride with Daddy on the train, and I wanted to ride with Momma so that worked just fine.  I liked the train alot.  I wanted to ride it more, but I only got to go one time.  I told Daddy thank you, it was a good idea to ride the train.  We drove around a lake and saw lots of ducks, and a cow, and a dinosaur.  I liked the train.  Ruth was cold the whole time, but Daddy cuddled her.  She wouldn't leave her hood on.  I told her that it would keep her ears warm, but she won't listen to me.

Since we were only there half a day we didn't have time to see everything.  I wanted to go see the giraffes and lions, but they said I didn't have time to walk through Africa.  I wanted to see the panda cam like Curious George, so we went to Indonesia where they had pandas.  I told Momma that they were not pandas, but she insisted that they were called Red Pandas.  Daddy had a coupon for pizza and a drink, so we went to the pizza place and all shared two slices of pizza, but for some reason Momma and Daddy each got a drink while we had milk in our cups.  On the way to the pizza place we went through a jungle and while we were there, we saw King Louis from the Jungle Book.

Turns out the pizza place was right next to the carasoel and I wanted to ride it.  Momma asked me what animal I wanted to ride, and I told her the panda.  He ran in circles and went up and down a while, then he got tired and had to eat more bamboo.  Ruth wanted to ride the Tiger, so Daddy rode with her right next to me.  After that we saw the real tigers and then a bunch of different kind of monkeys, and other monkeys that have no tails.  They aren't real monkeys they are apes.  Ruth's favorite animal were the Gibbons Apes.  They would swing with their hands, all the way down the cage and back.  After that it was getting kinda cold, because the wind was picking up and the sun was back behind the trees.  Daddy was getting hungry too, so we called it a day, but Momma and Daddy promise we can go back again.

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In always loved visiting that zoo!