Tuesday, August 14, 2012

2 Years with Ruth


You are still our sweet baby girl, full of sunshine.  You are a real joy in our lives.  You have grown in leaps and bounds since last year.  You are finally starting to get some height and are beginning to lose that rolly polly shape we love.  You run and do everything in your power to keep up with your big brother, who you still adore.  If he is doing it you are going to try.  That means you like to play with cars, you climbed your fort and went down the slide much earlier than he did, and you are currently attempting to jump, where you only get one foot off the floor.  You really love to spend as much time as possible in the pool.  You are starting to talk more in a way that we can understand.  Though I am constantly reminding you to enunciate words, and to say what you want rather than pointing and grunting then nodding uh-huh, when we guess correctly.

You seem to be just as excited as Britt about moving.  You don't talk about missing Daddy like he does, but you woke me up this morning, by bringing me the tape, and dragging an empty box.  So we packed a little together today.  You aren't much help, but you think you are.  I think the next year will bring lots of changes and excitement in your life.  A new house, leaves changing color, snow in the winter, and you don't know it yet, but Daddy is now working with Santa Claus.  Your enthusiasm and adventure when viewing the world is contagious.

You have been a little slow to adjust to the news of a new baby coming.  Though for now you have decided to slobber kisses all over my belly when we are cuddling.  I'm sure you'll be a good sister.  You worry over your dolls and stuff animals.  You are still tender hearted, quick to run to Britt when he gets hurt, to pat him and tell him "It ok, Bit."  You love to give kisses, and often a stern look is enough to stop you from doing something and put you in tears.  Every now and then you dig in your heels and show some temper.  You can be festy when you want. haha.

Over the last few days your nose has really been runny and bothering you.  You've slept alot today, and wanted to cuddle when you are awake.  I'm sorry you don't feel good for your birthday, but I am quite content to snuggle with you as much as you want today.  No matter what remember sweetheart that Momma and Daddy love you very much, and we pray that the Lord would bless you and guide you through life.


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