Friday, September 14, 2012

A Little About Our Area of Indiana

So we are settling into life in Indiana.  So far I'm really enjoying it up here.  The weather has been great.  Fall is just arriving.  Even on the days it has been hot, it's not oppressive heat.  They complain about the humidity up here but after the deep South and Florida, this is nothing.  We've had a couple of nights down in the 40s and some days in the 60s.  Like back home the fall, when you have one day that is 62 and the next that is 85, it wreaks havoc on my asthma.  It's been really nice.  I got to break out the bluejeans for the kids today. First time Ruth has wore any in probably 9 months.  In fact, it was the first chance she had to wear any of her 24mon/2T pants.

The kids are loving the yard.  Britt is slowly learning his boundaries.  After being places were we had an acre or two yard, it's taken him a little bit to realize that three houses down isn't still his yard.  Right now I'm just trying to establish with him where his yard ends and the next begins.  He isn't traveling the neighborhood now, just straying into our next door neighbor's yards.  The kids love the grass up here.  It's double seeded with Rye and Kentucky Bluegrass.  It's supper soft.  The neighbors must think I'm that Southern gal, because I am not wearing shoes out of the house unless we have to go somewhere.   Britt said "The grass tickles my feet, Momma!"  He's a little slower to believe me when I tell him there are no fire ants in Indiana.  He is going barefoot some, but is constantly asking me if I'm sure there are no ants to "eat" his feet.

The people have been surprisingly friendly.  When we were in the hospital several people struck up conversation with me or the kids.  Out and about people seem to be eager to stop and visit.  At the grocery store on Tuesday, we were behind a van that stopped no joke three times to talk to someone in the parking lot.  The third time I just drove around her rather than wait to see who else she knew.  There are several kids in our neighborhood, and we've meet the neighbors on both sides of us, and the dad catty-corner across the street from us.  Almost all the families in this neighborhood are younger families.  The oldest kid on our street is 10, and our next door neighbor has the youngest at 18 months.  Though a lady down the street is also due with another one this winter, so I'm told.

The land is very, very flat.  And there are fewer trees than Alabama or Florida.  The trees they have are different as well, they aren't sprawling, wild, jungle/wood, but carefully managed wind breaks along the edges of fields.  As a result you can see the sunset for much longer here.  Especially when we are traveling on the interstate.  It gives us enough height that even the trees aren't much in the way.  I'm sure I'll freeze to death all winter, but right now it's really nice up here.

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