Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Mad Climbing Skills

Monday afternoon Lilli came to play with us.  We played outside on our swing set for a long time.  We climbed and I pushed everyone down the slide.  Then I laughed at them and congradulated myself.  Then we swang on the swings and talked to the cows.  Then we colored on the driveway with chalk and played with our cars.  Then we fed the kittens and the chickens.  We had so much fun, until it just got to hot, then we all came inside and had a cup and watched Lion King.  I love it when "ye-ye" comes over to play with us, even if Momma says we are even crazier when we are all together.

Yesterday morning we went to play with Granddaddy Garland until Lilli and Aunt Joan got Britt to go to the park.  I was really upset after I figured out that they left without me.  Daddy said they went walking and that I couldn't walk that far.  While Momma and Daddy were helping Granddaddy Garland out by painting the back of the barn for him, I said Granddaddy's name for the first time "Gran-day".

I like lazy days, where we just hang out and play.

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