Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Blueberry Festival

On Saturday, Daddy took us to two Blueberry Festivals.  First we went to Keel and Curley's 5th Blueberry Festival and then we went to the First Florida Blueberry Grower's Festival in Brooksville.  There were lots of things to see and do.  There were a bunch of people to watch and talk to.  I saw a really tall guy, as two as two people, Momma said he was on stilts.  There were people with dogs and people doing tricks.  There was so very much to see.

At the first place, there were people selling lots of different things, and there were other people drawing on girls' faces.  There was lots of loud music under the tent.  Some guy was playing "Brown Eyed Girl" on a guitar.  I liked it there, but Momma wouldn't let me stay too long, she said it was too loud.  After we looked at all the booths, Ruth and I were hot, and Momma said it was too loud.  So we sat in the stroller, while Momma and Daddy pushed us for a walk through the blueberry fields.  You could pick all the berries you wanted, and then pay by the pound, but we didn't pick any.  We just had fun walking around and looking.  While we were out there, they were moving around some wine, and we got to look in one of the storage and processing buildings.  Daddy and Momma thought that was kinda of neat.

Next we went over to the second festival. That one had even more places to walk around. Momma saw a hat she liked, and Daddy got us some ice cream, because it was so hot. Ruth liked walking through where there were a bunch of artist set up. Her favorite was the guy who painted all the different birds. The best part of the festival though, was that I got to see Spiderman. He talked to me, and told Momma that he goes to birthday parties. Everyday since then I have asked if it is my birthday yet. I know my birthday is in January, and I know that it is May, but tomorrow might be January, you never know.

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