Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Balloon Races

We went to Ah-bama to see Ahna and Grumps.  While we were there we went to see the balloons.  I haven't seen the big balloons since Momma was pregnant with Ruth, so I was very excited to see them again.  I knew just what they were when we saw them.  We got up at 5 am and left to go to the park at 5:30.  We were all tired; but after I got my cup and ate some cheerios on the blanket, I was happy.  A very unusual thing happened, there wasn't enough wind for them to fly.  So they didn't have the hound and hare race, where one balloon flies off, and then everyone else blows up their balloons in a hurry to try to be the first one to catch the hare. (On another note, Ahna was laughing at me, because she says I say "didn't" like a Yankee.  Instead of saying it like "did-unt," I say it like "dent."  I don't get it.)

They did end up and fly even though they said not to.   Momma said it was something called teethering, not real flying, because they are anchored to the ground or to truck hitches.  All I know is that they did go up and down.  Grumps says the best part about the balloon races in Decatur, is that you get to mingle with the balloons.  You get to walk around under them, and get close and watch them blow up.  You can talk with the balloon people.  Some of them where even giving rides.  He says some places the spectators, don't get to be on the field.  There was so much to see, kids riding in wagons, and people sitting around.  Other people walking around looking at the balloons, and of course all the people blowing up the balloons.  There were all kinds of dogs around to look at.  We even watched one dog catch a frisbee.  He missed a bunch of times, but he caught it some too.  He must have just been learning.  We thought he was really funny.

Sunday afternoon, we were driving to the grocery store, when we saw a bunch of balloons.  Momma asked Grumps if we could chase them, because it had been a long time since they had done that.  It was so exciting.  We went this way and that way, to try to find where they were going to sit down.  We stopped and watch some try to land at the Morgan County Fairgrounds, but their people in vans, must have told them that they couldn't get in, because the fairgrounds were locked up.  So, then they went up again.  We drove around some more and found a few that landed in someone's backyard.  That was exciting!  Grumps told about how one almost landed in their backyard one time.  We found another one landing in a Church parking lot.  Everyone came out of Church to see.  We watched them take that one down.  I know all about how that works now!

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