Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Bubbles! and Pool Time

"Bubbles!"  Is one word that I can say so that everyone can understand.  I really like to blow bubbles and Momma says I'm even better than Britt is at it now.  Sometimes at home Momma would give each of us a wand and sit the big bottle of bubbles in the middle of the floor and we will take turns blowing them out in to the yard.  We are at Grumps and Ahna's house right now.  In fact we get 10 whole days with them and no parents!

We've had lots of fun, last weekend Aunt Rachel, Grandma, and "Emma-Wee" (Emily) came down to see the balloons too.  After that we still had the whole day ahead of us.  So we blew bubbles with Grumps.  After that Momma suggested we get out the pool.  We had lot and lots of fun with that.  Emily showed us how to run and jump in the water.  I even jumped some too!  After awhile Britt asked to go in and take a nap, of course after he got in there he ran around screaming like a banshee, but that meant I got to play in the water some with Emily by myself.  It was great! I even found a baby out there.  See Ahna, doesn't have any baby dolls at her house, but I found one in the pool...

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