Saturday, September 04, 2010

The Swamp

So last week Momma wanted to get out of the house on Friday, so Daddy decided that we would go up to campus and walk around some. When we got there we were very surprised to find out that the stadium was open, so Momma put Ruth in the stroller and pushed her around and Daddy held my hand and off we went. I got to climb up and down all the stairs and look at all the steps, chairs, and the football field. Daddy has been teaching me what Gators say, so I was sure to point them all out to him and tell him what they say. It makes him very happy when I tell him about Gators.

We walked all around the stadium and on one side found a nice little park area. Momma had to stop to feed Ruth so I got to play with a giant stick and the umbrella. Daddy and I ran around in the grass, and I found an enormous picture of a gator. Daddy asked if I wanted it in my room but Momma told him it wouldn't fit. Afterward we went and ate Mexican... well Momma and Daddy ate Mexican I just ate chips and rice.
We went back up there on Saturday with Ahna and Grumps and walked around, so that Uncle Benji and Uncle Nick could see the stadium. Grumps really loves me, because he didn't make me walk much at all, he carried me around in style. First we looked at the big gator statue in front of the stadium. I didn't like it at all, it's big head and teeth looked scary. Daddy assured me that it wouldn't eat me though, and so I patted it on the tail before we moved on. Next, we stopped in the university shop and I played hide and seek with my funny uncles in the clothes racks. We even met some Auburn fans on campus.

Speaking of Auburn, today is the first day of college football, and I got to wear good clothes. Momma asks me what tigers say, and I tell her "war" and wave my hand. Momma says I need to work on it some more, but I don't see too many tigers to practice. Daddy is gone to the Gator game today. Momma says maybe he'll take me one of these days, and then he can dress me in some gator clothes.

(I heart Auburn!)

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His Mercy Endureth Forever said...

It will be interesting which way the children go in a divided house! The Gators play USF(Matt's Alma Mater) this year for the first time and we're having a hard time deciding who to root for! :)