Tuesday, September 14, 2010

One Month with Ruth


You are one month old today. This has been a busy month, mostly full of doctor's visits and family visits. That first week with you was a little scary. We hadn't been out of the hospital two days when they told us that you had lost too much weight and that we had to go immediately to the hospital. They talked about ivs and test, and supplimenting you and all sorts of things. Well, thankfully it turned out to be nothing, and now you are growing. We will find out exactly how much at your doctor's appointment on Monday, but I just packed up all of your newborn things last week (with the exception of a few sleepers) and you are now wearing size one diapers. Though Daddy would point out that you could have been in ones for a few weeks now, if I wasn't so determined that we aren't going to waste any diapers, and use all of the ones that were open. The only real change I can see though is that you are losing your hair on top.

You are finally starting to be a little more alert during the day. All you wanted to do for the first week or so was sleep all day long. Of course, all we have to compare you to is your brother who was always super alert. So I'm sure that you are just normal in that regard. You tend to be wide awake from around 3:30 am - 7 and again in the afternoon around 3:30 -7. People have said that perhaps you have your days and nights mixed up, since you are regularly sleeping from 7 to noon or 1. All I know is if you can sleep 6 hours in the morning, you could be sleeping 6 hours at night, so that I could. You have also started tracking side to side with your eyes.

(one day)
(one week)(one month)

You are a cuddle bug for sure. Britt hasn't been in such a long time, and I sure am enjoying the cuddly part with you. Infact, we have probably been enjoying it too much, especially Daddy since he likes to take afternoon naps in his recliner with you laying on his chest. I say that we are enjoying it too much, because as a result, it's been pretty difficult to get you to sleep in your craddle at night. You have no trouble sleeping in it during the day with lights on and lots of noise. But the second we turn off the lights and the house gets still for the night you start grunting and complaining about being in the craddle. You can fall asleep while eating and after we are sure that you are asleep Daddy moves you back to your bed, and like magic you are wide awake again. That's something that we really need to work on. Britt started sleeping through the night at 6 weeks, so Daddy expects you to also. haha. Seriously though you need to work on that.

You are starting to smile a little bit... at least what I think are real smiles, responding to us... not just gas as Grumps would say. You have been trying since very early to lift your head, but now you are actually holding it up some. You can't do it for very long and you look more like a bobblehead doll than a person with any control, but you are getting better.

Having two under two has been a real adjustment for me. There are lots of days where I want to pull all of my hair out or lock myself in the bathroom so that I can at least have time to soak in the bathtub. But we are finding a new normal.