Thursday, September 09, 2010


I like flowers and plants and things. That is one of the worst things about being back in an apartment, we don't have a yard, which means I don't have any flowerbeds. I like planning flowerbeds, trying to figure out what sorts of colors to use, and then where to put the taller plants, and then the shorter plants, and which ones to use. Then getting to put nice smelling mulch all around them. Of course, I am so forgetful about watering, that I have to find draught tolerate plants. I just really enjoy it, it's kinda like drawing or painting.Last year, when we went home during the summer, Mother and I went around and had Daddy dig up several Tiger Lillies and a few Irises. I really like the fancy Tiger Lillies, that have double blooms in vivid orange with marron stripes. Plus it was like having a little of something from home, in the flowerbed all along the side of the house. The Irises never bloomed, but the Tiger Lillies started blooming the week we moved out. Talk about my luck! I had also planted some red and blue morning glories, and something resembling purple morning glories came up. We did get a few pictures of the first ones to bloom, and while we were back down there a few weeks ago, and drove by the house they were all blooming.
If you saw the little video tour of our apartment you would know that we have a little flowerbed as we walk in. I had convinced Gary that I could buy one plant for it, so since he likes jasmine, I decided to get some of it. It's not blooming right now, but Gary really likes it and it would take up a chunk of the bed, so that's what we got. Then Mom agreed that it looked dreary and needed a couple more plants and some more rocks, so she bought us a few things when she was here. Then we took the shoots from Ruth's plant from the Church for her birth and put some of them in the flowerbed and some in my flowerpots. I wish I had taken a before picture, but it looks great now!

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