Wednesday, September 08, 2010

First Bath

I have been meaning to write several post, but it's amazing how time gets away from me. Ruth is getting nightly baths now, they seem to help her sleep a little longer at a time; and since she still appears to have her days and nights mixed, we want anything that helps her sleep longer stretches at night.She got her first sponge bath at the Lakeland hospital at five days old. She didn't really care for that, she fussed at being wiped down with a wet rag. Her umbilical cord was still looking kinda goo-y at her 2 week appointment, even though the stump had fallen off the day before, so they put a little bit of a drying agent on it, and told us to still plan to give her a real bath the next day. So even though it wasn't completely dried up we went ahead and gave her a bath at about 2 1/2 weeks, on what would have been her due date September 1st. And to my surprise she just laid there and didn't fuss at all. She only complained when we let the water out of the tub. Makes me wonder if she is going to love the water like Britt.

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