Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Prayer Request

Baby Nate Ferrel, is doing much better. It was great to see him and the family at MacClenny this past weekend. While, they believe that he may have SMA, they won't have the genetic test results for another 2 weeks or so. He is eatting better now, and he seems to have more energy now. Continue to keep the family in your prayers.

Aunt Joanna father, Bro Fred has gone through his first round of chemo and her mother who had an infected cyst behind her ear, seems to be doing better as well.

Baby Kent Aday, the newest little cousin of several dear friends in the Jasper area, has had several surgeries to correct his heart condition, and all appears to have gone well. The one big problem is that every time they have tried to shut his chest his blood preasure has dropped drasticly. Obviously he cannot live permanently with an open chest, and as long as he is like this his parents can't hold or touch him, and he has to be heavily drugged so as not to damage anything or pull out any of the tubes and cords. They are working this week to shut his chest a little at a time, please be in prayer for this small boy and his family as this can be very dangerous, because the risk of infection is so high.

Bro Hazen White is doing well in rehab. Hopefully, in another week or so, he'll be able to come. His family is planning to let him go back home with a sitter day and night.

My Uncle Clint is between jobs right now, he will be starting first thing Monday morning at the new job. Please pray for him, that this job will be much better than the last.

Parker Allen, my friend who was in the bad car accident, will be having surgery this week or next. To help with the swelling in his brain, right after the accident; they removed his left skull plate and placed it in his abdomen. The swelling has gone down now, so that they can replace it.

On a brighter note, I promise a very entertaining blog from Memorial Day, just as soon as I finish editting all the film. :)


Jeremy Sarber said...

We'll be praying for all those you mentioned. We'll also look forward to your Memorial Day post.

Kelly Spezzano said...

Thanks for all the updates. I am sorry to hear about "Uncle Red"... I pray that the Lord will intervene before he has gone too far off course!

I would also like to add to your prayer request our ministry all throughout... it seems like Satan is really working hard to break them down!