Monday, May 19, 2008

Guess What...

See there's either something in the water (or Sis. Kelly says the tea) or maybe I've just caught a bug from Sis. Kelly, but in any event Gary and I are most definately pregnant!

I started having symptoms and telling Gary that I thought I was on Fri, May 2. I just knew I was on Wed, May 7. But we finally got a positive on a hpt on Mon, May 12. Gary wouldn't let me tell anyone though until after a blood test confirmed it on Thurs, May 15. So on Fri, I sent flowers, an obvious baby arrangement, to my mother. She and Daddy want to be called Gwena and Grumps (her name is Gwen). So I had them write this on the card. "Gwena, I hope you pick out a new name before I get here. Call your daughter." haha. We told all of my family over the phone and through emails on Friday, and I told a few friends down here. We told Gary's family Sat. night and announced it at Church yesterday.

We are so very excited. I want a girl with red-hair and blue eyes, and he wants a little boy to name Gary Britt Cunningham, III (yuck). Boy or girl, whatever color hair, I'm just so excited to be having a baby. We just hope she (or he) is healthy.

Gary has been pretty excited too, well, until we went into Babies-R-Us to look at prices of stuff. I thought he was honestly going to pass out. haha. He kept telling me, lets just get a $25 to $50 stroller. He wasn't understanding that there was NO SUCH THING. haha

Just be in prayer for us that the baby will be healthy, and that we can be responsible with our finances, and that we would have wisdom from the Lord to raise up this child in the right way.


Anonymous said...

Dearest Brother Gary and Sister Dani. I'm am just so excited for you. I'm excited for me too. I want to be a Borrowed Poppa also. I'm on your side, I want a little blue eyed girl with beautiful red hair. I gaurrantee Brother Gary will cave. Who wouldn't? Brother Gary already fell for one. And when that little girl wraps her arms around his neck, he will be in heaven. I bet she will be a daddys girl. By the By How about the name Brittney? You will be in our prayers and don't wory about the wisdom. Your love of God and desire to raise up your child in the nurture and admonition of the Lord is the Key to God granting you the wisdom. Tell Brother Gary not to panic over the costs. There will be Showers of Blessings more abundant than you can imagin. Again " Great News "

Borrowed Dad
soon to be: Borrowed Poppa

Kelly Spezzano said...

MY BFPF!!!! Of course by now you already know how I feel, but just in case I was too subtle, I AM SO EXCITED FOR YOU AND GARY! It is going to be such a blessing for me to have someone to share/compare notes on pregnancy stuff... I hope that we can gain such support from one another as we try desperately to raise good godly children! I apologize now for anything Gary may make you do as a result of what Jim and I are doing with our child! (i.e. sitting on the 3rd pew from the front with a hopefully quiet infant)

I pray that all will be well throughout the pregnancy and that the Lord bless you with a healthy happy (more Mallard than Cunningham) baby (HA HA j/k)


Your BFPF!

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Little Lady said...

Wow Wow Wow!!!!!! I'm so happy for you and Gary!!!! There is nothing more wonderful then the blessings of children. I pray that you will be at peace these next few months and that the baby is healthy. Wow!!!

amber said...

Congratulations! That is such wonderful news!! We are so excited for the two of you.