Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Peer Preasure

I've been scolded a little for not blogging other than prayer request since my parents came down (a whole month ago, yikes). So I'm trying to get caught up; I have fallen to peer preasure. You must needs understand; however, that all of the topics for which I need to blog require long and lengthy blogs, meaning it takes me much time to write them. As one of my history professors always said, "what is easy to read was hard to write. Good writing takes time and rewrites." Not that I devote the kind of effort to blogging that I use to spend on my simply marvelous and exciting papers, but you get the idea.I suppose I were to do this in chronological order, which would indeed be logical, I would tell you all about the Jasper Meeting, our trip to Busch Gardens, and then about the meeting this past weekend, and the WONDERFUL SECRET I have that Justin doesn't know about. However, that would make far too much sense, and besides I don't have time to write about all of that before dinner and Church tonight, so I hope for the moment, my dear readers, you will be content to hear about Busch Gardens.Gary and I have passes to Busch Gardens for the year. Mom and Dad got them for us for Christmas and they have been a great investment. Florida residents can go once, and come back all year. We've been three times so far and I would strongly encourage other Florida residents to go, because that really is the best deal. There is so much different stuff to do. Gary of course loves the roller coasters and I love to watch the animals. Then of course now that it's warm, there are water rides, and who can dislike those. Now that I've collected my money for advertising, here's some stuff from the last trip (in hopes that Borrowed Dad will once again leave us in laughter).
This time we walked through the bird area, where they were just lose and you could feed them. They were really interesting, but they won't come hang out with you unless you have food, and well food cost a fortune for this tiny, slightly larger than a themble sized cup. So we just watched. We had a good laugh watching the elephants too. You know they dance. There are speakers right near them, and they do this swaying, dancing thing constantly. Gary took a really poor video of it, but blogger wouldn't load it, so you are spared. Just take my word, she was dancing.
My favorite animals are the tigers. "War Eagle!!! Go Auburn!!!" Seriously though, I like to watch them, and the white Bengal tigers are my favorite. They are like cats, but huge and very graceful. (Borrowed Dad would probably here point out not at all like Gary.) They, unlike all the other big cats, love water. You really can't tell from this picture but this is a gi-normous turtle. (This is a word I stole from a 4 year old boy in London, in reference to the plane we were getting on to fly from London to Houston. You can only appreciate it when you say it in a British accent like a 4 year old.) This guy is probably big enough to ride on, except it would take all day to get anywhere, and just maybe he bites. I don't know that though.

One of the things that is so neat to me about Busch Gardens that is very different from anywhere else I've ever seen, is their attention to the details of gardening and planting. On top of all the small stuff that they do. They also, always have all these different fantastic animals made almost completely of plants. Here are a couple of butterflies, but they also have a lion, a tiger, an eagle, and a few others too.

Of course other than the food and the rides, Gary's favorite stop is to see these hideous creatures. In my opinion, this is either one brave turtle, or one with a death wish. You can decide. So this gator, saw us and started swimming down the little channel toward us. You need to know that there is this not all that sturdy in my opinion fence that is about 3 foot tall between the gators and us. So that monsterous gator head, was really about that close to us. After he made his way down to us, some of his buddies, thought they would come check us out too. So when we had four gators a foot or two away, I decided it was time to go somewhere else.


Kelly Spezzano said...

Very cool photos! It's been a long time since I went to BG! But now it's TOO HOT! LOL

Anonymous said...

O.K.... By invitation only, Lets see Where we go from Here. I am just so intrigued with the coincidences that exists. 1st thing is have you given any thought to the fact that "GARY B." initials reversed is the same as Bush Gardens. It's no wonder that Gary likes the place so much. It has all the necessities of Home and Family. Food, Family, Fun Family, Adventure and Family. I ask You what could be any more natural. I was moved at your account of the bird sactuary and how much the bird food was but the thought occured to me as to how much would be left for the birds from a thimble full after Gary finished nibbling? I figure he thought it was granola. I love the fact that the elephants can dance. It gives me hope for Gary after all. I mean the whole point of the story about Gary trying to get some video dimonstrates that the reasion the video was so poor was cause he was doing such a great job of swaying. In my wildest imagination I could picture Gary trying to show the elephants that he could dance better than them so he was putting some moves on them and the camera went crazy. The real video would be of Gary. It's my understanding that they have survelence cameras around the park and that the video is available on U-Tube. Now on to the next subject. The Gators..... Dani, You are very much at heart a tiger. Your graceful and beautiful and a true "War Eagle" Go Auburn!!!. Something a Gator or Brother Gary could ever be. I think Gators are just naturally attracted to War Eagles. They are Orange & Blue, They are SEC, and they taste like chicken. And there is nothing a gator likes better than eating chicken. Ain't That Right Gary. "Go Gators" It's no wonder to me that they all headed your way when you came to the fence. Be Afraid, Be very, very Afraid. I am glad that you have the opportunity to go to Gary B's family reunion, I know it does him a lot of good but I think you ought to take him somewhere else for his DANCING LESSONS.
May God Bless you both.
In Christian Love,
Borrowed Dad

Kelly Spezzano said...

Daddy, Daddy, Daddy... What am I going to do with you?

Dani said...

But he's so amazing at what he does. I had a fit laughing this morning, when I went to approve his comment.