Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Prayer Request

Here is this week's update, I will try to make this a regular Tuesday thing. On the off chance however that I don't find out about someone till Wed or Thurs come back here scroll down and look for **Update** and the date.

Baby Kent Aday was born on April 18 prematurely. He has several physical problems. Last Friday at 2 weeks old they did open heart surgery to correct a ventricular septal defect; however, they found more problems. Kent has only one kidney. Two of his vertebrae are not completely closed, but the spinal cord is not injured or displaced. There are also some small problems with his ribs. He may have a hearing deficit in his left ear. The biggest problem they found in surgery was that Kent's pulmonary artery and pulmonary veins were crossing and exchanging blood. They focused on trying to do something about that, and left the septal defect alone. He had to be put on heart-lung bypass for a short time. Then, later this evening, he had to be taken back to surgery emergently to widen a shunt they had created, and was briefly on heart-lung bypass again. He was very swollen, too swollen to completely close his chest wall. Later still, he started going into respiratory distress from the new high pressure going into the pulmonary arteries. He was placed on ECMO, a machine that oxygenates and circulates blood when the baby cannot. Then he was rushed to the cardiac catheterization lab. Kent is also on continuous hemodialysis which is really more of a protective measure for his single kidney right now. His condition is critical but stable. The shunt they put in has clotted off, and he was taken back to surgery yesterday. The good news is that the swelling in and around his chest has gone down. The doctors don't expect Kent to live past the age of 2 or 3 even if all goes well with surgery, but we understand that the Lord can do anything. Continue to pray! His parents, Aimee and Ken, are doing well and appreciate and feel all your prayers.

Baby Nate Ferrel is continuing to improve with physical therapy. He is still retracting but with the therapy and the exercises he is able to breathe normally for a period of time after the sessions. They believe that Nathan's breathing issues were not just something anatomical but that they are probably secondary to a bigger problem within him. Hopefully the neurologist will have more information on Thursday, he will also be having another renal ultrasound to check the fluid on his kidneys, and seeing the Pulmonologist again. For more information check out Life with the Ferrells.

Bro. Hazen White is in rehab after having hip replacement surgery. He will be there for four weeks, hopefully if he is able to go back to using a walker, then he will be able to return home with a sitter during the day and family at night.

Parker Allen has gone home. He is more and more alert each and every day. He is ever so slowly gaining strength, and his parents and brother fell incredibly blessed to see the power of God at work in their own lives. For more information and incredibly encouraging updates go here. At the website you are able to sign a guestbook to let them know who all is keeping them in prayer and thus encouraging them, and you can register to have updates emailed to you as they post.

Sis. Kimberly Riffle will be having her baby on Monday if all goes well, so keep them in your prayers. I for one will be excited to find out if she will be having a girl or a boy. :)

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Kelly Spezzano said...

It's killing me not knowing what she's having! But Brady is convinced 100% that it's a boy, and that I am going to have a girl... Will See!

Thanks for the continual prayer list updates!