Saturday, May 24, 2008

MacClenney Meeting, in MacClenney, FL

Well, we are back from the MacClenny Meeting and man was it a good one. Justin hitched a ride with us to MacClenny, and why the way home was filled with good conversation, the trip up there we were priviledged to catch on film the evolution of sleep. This is a phanamonia that I have now witnessed on several trips on Justin's part. It always progress through these three stages over and over and over again, before he decided to wake up. First while rest on his fist, he doses off, then his arm falls to the pillow, and before you know it, he is hovering inches above the pillow. The purpose of the pillow in all this? I am unsure.While we were in MacClenny we were blessed to hear several great sermons, you should have been there. However, I will try to hit some of the high points. Apparently on Thursday night Eld. Tim McCool was blessed to preach from Matthew 13:1-23 about the Parable of the Sower, in which the good seed is the word, and we aren't to be judging if who is and isn't a Child of God by this parable, but that it shows us the many ways in which the Children of God respond to the gospel. We weren't there for that sermon, but I can't wait to get the cd and here it. On Friday night, he picked right back up where he left off with the Parable of the Tares. One of the things he explained is that you must read each parable's symbols for what they are, that often we can make general rules such as the Kingdom of Heaven referring to the Church, but not always. The good seed in this parables are the Children of God, whereas the tares are the ungodly in this world. He emphasised that no one plants those children, but God, not the preacher, not the gospel, nothing, only Christ causes life and growth. He explained that this parable taught the disciples that in the end, God would judge and the wicked will be punished, but that disernment between the wheat and the tares is not our job, because, unknowingly we might pluck up some of the wheat by mistake. He told us that the angels one day when he returns will aide him in separating the wheat and the tares. And that we are always to be ready for that time. He went several place (II Thessalonians1:6-7, Mark 13:25-27, and Matthew 25:31-46) to show us how the Lord will judge and what will happen on that day, and how the things in Matthew 25 aren't what makes us children of God or non-elect, but that they are evidences that show who we are. He continued the idea, Saturday morning by giving us Seven Signs which show that we are in those last days (plural not singular). He named that we are living in perilous times for us, because of the men that we are surrounded by in the world. He talked about how the world will claim that their is peace and safety when there is none, and will be suprised when the end comes. That worship will change in that men will think themselves higher than God, and worship differently than the way he set forth in scripture. That there would be a change in thinking, that they will believe that Abraham, Issac, and Jacob lived, but they will be scoffers, doubting his return and disbelieving his judgement, more like agnostics. As in the time of Noah and Lot, men will follow engage in every one of the sinful imaginations of their heart. He said that we will run to and fro much like the book of Job describes Satan, that we are torn away from our families and church as we keep pace with the Devil. And that knowledge shall be increased, or at least an idea that people know more and more, but really less and less. He quoted a verse that Bro. Buddy has used a few times at Little Union telling us that the downfall of Sodom, of Isreal, and in today's case in this nation is in the fullness of bread, idleness of hands, and failing to give and remember the poor. However, we are not to be afriad, but to recognize that God is in control, and though things get worse, we should live better, because he will be back. It won't happen until sometime after the last Child of God is regenerated, but he will return.

Right after Bro. Tim finished Elder Jon Mizell was blessed to speak on some of those things that we should be doing to live better and better. He preached from Matthew 5 about how Jesus not only came to just fullfil the letter of the law, but the spirit of the law, and how He commands us to do the same. He talked about some of the things that is hard, not just for people to swallow, but is hard for the child of God who knows the Truth to swallow. It's hard for us to understand, that we are commanded to these things, let alone do them. He talked about how in this sue happy world, when someone sues us for our coat to give them our cloak, to give both cars when we are sued for a car, to give our savings and our checking account when we are sued for the checking. How we are to not only turn the cheek once, but over and over. How when a brother needs us to walk with him, we don't say, "You don't have a good reason," or "I don't have time" or "I don't want to" or "I'm too busy." We are to not only not badmouth someone who is badmouthing us and seeking to destroy us, but that we are to love them and pray for them. He asked us if we really understood how the Lord could tell us to do these things, and then he explained. Christ for our sins was humiliated, he was beaten not by turning the cheek once or twice, but beaten beyond recognition. He died without a stitch of clothing on, as the soliders beneath Him gambled away for a sovenier. He went the extra mile; He went a little further to pray before He was taken. And He loved us enough, that when we were still an enemy on the cross, as we sought to put Him to death, that He prayed for us on the Cross, that we would be forgiven, as He died for our sins, by our hands. He closed by reading Matthew 5:48, and telling us that we are to do these things, that He did, that we would more resemble our Father and Elder Brother. I tell you it was a moving sermon.
After Church we headed over to Bro. David and Sis. Sherri's house for a little picking and grinning and some visiting. After a slow start, and a few distractions, Issac and Bro. Tim got to work, on "Dueling Banjos". Then after apologizing for the songs poor theology, they played, "I Saw the Light." Finally in a last ditch effort (maybe for more money? haha), Bro. Tim brought his girls in Abby and Madison, and had them sing "Fox on the Run." It was so much fun to get to see the Mizell twins and Nathan. It's hard to believe that the twins were premies, and that a thing in the world could possibly be wrong with Nathan. They are all three such happy babies, and cute as can be, full of energy. If possible, Nathan is even cuter in person than in pictures! Boy is he a flirt, and so cute, I told Gary that if ours would be so cute and sweet, that I might not mind to have a boy, haha! Think there are any of those genes on the his side? Audrey was such a doll, she was wide awake and watching everything and laughing the whole time. James though after a little bluegrass dancing time with his daddy, opted for a nap. We had a great time.


Jeremy Sarber said...

This post made my night. I laughed about the "sleeping" photos, enjoyed the summary of the meetings, and especially loved the video. That was great. Wish I could have been there. Thanks for sharing.

amber said...

Oh Dani, thanks for posting that video. We fell asleep at the Register's house and never made it over to the Crawford's. I hated that we missed everything! Everyone was raving about the fun afternoon last night at dinner. The video was perfect! Thanks so much.

It was great to see you all this weekend. I hate that we didn't get to hug you goodbye. Please please come again soon! And congrats again!!