Friday, May 02, 2008

Brodie Helps with Laundry

Some how in the mountainous loads of laundry that I did on Tuesday and Wednesday, and I do mean mountainous, I failed to do the bluejeans and some of the socks and underwear. So after washing the latter this morning, I started putting them away. Alas however, I pulled the drawer out too far, and it fell to the ground spilling out the contents everywhere. But Brodie came to the rescue.

By rescue, I mean that he lept up from his post on the bed, and jumped into the dresser where the drawer previously was. First, he needed a proper heighth to survey the mess.

Then, he began to wash his paws while his momma cleaned up the mess.

Finally, he agreed to get out of his new hidey hole so that I could put the drawer back in.

For all of you that are still awaiting a post or dozen on the fabulous meeting we were blessed to attend this weekend. I assure you that I will have some serious sermon post soon and a few fun ones as well, just as soon as I can steal some of the photos that others took. (Yes, I know, I failed to carry along the camera.) Until then, go and amuse yourself with the Adventures of Bob, who we carried along to Alabama, an account of what happens when five girls are on the road with semis, the ever so insane trip home, and why never to give Red Bull to Justin Varnum.

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Kelly Spezzano said...

This is too funny! I love that you called it his "hidey hole" LOL