Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Really Late, New Year's Resolutions

Earlier this week reading over at the Beehive has left me inspired to make a New Year's Resolution or two, after some thought here they are...

1) I am going to get some form of regular exercise at least 3 days a week. I was going to say every day, but who am I kidding here. I use to run cross country, that was pre-Asthma. The doctor has worked on my asthma medicine some, and I am actually good to start excerising and stuff tomorrow (had to let meds kick in and get over bronchitis first). My goal is to get out and do some serious walking (and work back up to running) at least on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Hopefully Tuesday and Thursday too.

2) Blog at least twice a week. I know very few read this, and even fewer are actually interested, but it's good to talk to someone other than the cat during the day. It also keeps my brain cells active, and if you haven't notice, my grammer and spelling could use the extra work out.

3) Secretly wean Gary off of sugar. I'm not sure how doable this is, but at the way the boy is eating (and drinking sweet tea) he'll be dead of a heart attack or some such by 50. I want to make him miserable for a whole lifetime, haha. :)


jsarber said...

"I know very few read this, and even fewer are actually interested..."

That's funny though probably not true. I personally love to read blogs. I have not even met you in person but I find your posts interesting. Keep writing and I'll keep reading.

By the way, you might be interested to read this story:

We had a tornado hit town this last October (http://jeremysarber.com/personal/?p=151) and a couple of friends of ours lost their home and their cat. The cat was never found, that is until yesterday.

Kelly Spezzano said...

Well, if you need some company on Tuesday and Thursday for your exercise... please include me! I could definietely use the exercise, and the excuse to not clean ;) *j/k*
As for the blogging, I agree with Jeremy...your posts are great to read (although I do know you personally, but that makes it even better)
And Finally, as for Gary's sugar consumption, GOOD LUCK!! Think we can convince everyone at church to bring fruit for dessert and serve water (instead of sweet tea)? Yeah, I don't see that happening either!

And to the friend of Jeremy's that lost their cat in the tornado- Hooray for finding him!

Dani said...

I just mean getting him off of sugar here at the house, so that I am off of sugar.

Super yeah for the long lost cat!

strem said...

As you know, I love your posts... and miss them when you're busy doing other stuff. So, keep writing! Does Gary notice the difference in Splenda? Or do you not want him to eat that either? I don't notice the difference... and it has been a great help in bridging the gap between pop and sweet tea to sugarless tea. I put in less and less Splenda each time, and that has helped.

Dani said...

I'm hoping just to get him on Splenda. He claims he can taste ANYTHING but sugar, and we have sugar in EVERYTHING as a result.