Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Kitty Update

Well, Gary and I didn't catch Momma Kitty after all. We finally caught a glimpse of the cat stretched out a few days ago, and Gary said I don't think this cat is pregnant, so we decided to hold it one more week. (Doesn't it look fat sitting like that?) Well the day before yesterday, I saw Momma Kitty out and about, as big as a house. So we carried the cat in to the shelter yesterday to get it fixed. I told them my best guess was that it was one of the kittens from July.

When I picked it up yesterday afternoon they confirmed, cat is about 6 months old, and that it is a he not a she. So turns out he is Traveler not Bobby. In order to register the colony and get discount spay and neuter I had to register them with names, and keep up with statistics and stuff for them. So all the kittens I saw in July I gave names that started with "T". So provided Traveler is still eating well this evening and looking ok. I'm going to release him. Maybe we'll catch Bobby tonight before she has her kittens.


Kelly Spezzano said...

Well, I am glad to hear that Traveller did not give birth to any kitties *seeing as how HE is a HE* Hopefully you guys can catch Bobby soon!

strem said...

Oh my. You and your cat adventures. Can't wait for more updates.

Dani said...

We just set Traveler lose. He sat in the cage for a minute and off he went, down the stairs, along the sidewalk, and down a cat trail into the woods/jungle/swamp we have going on back here behind the apartment.

Dani said...

Quick note, just to let you know, Traveler was back in the trap tonight, he must have a tuna fish weakness. Gary says a cat that dumb deserves to be nuetered, after all we can't have him procreating.

~*Rachel*~ said...

ah ha ha ha, oh poor traveler. lol.

and to think the whole time we were looking at "him" we kept saying "your such a pretty girl, now be a good girl..blah blah."

I hope you do catch the "real Bobby" before she has those kittens!