Friday, January 04, 2008

Christmas Gifts!

As promised here are a few pictures of gifts that I gave out this year. That I made...
First up, for all the little ones at church, under about chest high to me, I made a little something. The blankets at the top are for Ms. Abbey Rose and Ms. Katie Sue for their baby dolls. Then Brady and Abel each got a tobaggan with their initial on it. Finally Lydia and Cloe each got one with a flower on it. Next, for my parents I made a scrapbook, for the many pictures I managed to steal from their photo albums over the years. The next two pictures are a few pages.
We also made one for Gary's mom, but I forgot to take pictures of it. The two pictures just above are from the one I made for Gary. He kept all of the pamplets and tickets from everything we did on our honeymoon, because he thought we might like to have them someday. So I spent about 10 hours or so, recreated everyday from our rehersel dinner to the day we got home, full of pictures, pamplets, and notes to him. He loved it. Below is the blanket that I made for Aunt Joanna. Every year I pick someone to crochet a blanket for, and I spend alot of time, trying to pick out the right colors and patter for that person. Aunt Joanna has been a huge comfort and help this year since I am so far from home. She has also been the most amazing Godly example. Gary said the daisy pattern would be great, because other than his mother, she was the first person he ever gave a flower to.

We recieved a few homemade gifts as well. Above are the quillas (probably spelled quillows) that Granna made for us. Mine has the flowers and his is blue. They are folded up like pillows, but you can unfold them into a quilt, with a little pocket in the bottom to keep you feet warm. Very nifty. The other two spectaclar gifts from this year are 1) Gary went out and bought me the mixer that I was really, really wanting. I didn't think we had the money for it, but apparently someone, wasn't depositing all of his paycheck, and 2) my parents sent us money for a wii. I couldn't believe it. Gary and I have been playing it like mad, and getting a serious workout too I might add.


Kelly Spezzano said...

What nifty homemade gifts! I thought the Abernathy kids looked so cute in there hats! And I just love the scrapbook idea (for the parents and for Gary) Have you gotten to use your kitchen aid yet? I absolutely love mine!

strem said...

I'm jealous of your mixer. VERY. And the Wii. And, I'm also envious of the recipients of those hats. (I need to learn to crochet.) Your gifts are so very thoughtful, and I am sure Gary is very appreciative of that scrapbook. You'll surely look at those over and over and over through the years.