Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Our Little Tree

So even though it's incredibly difficult to get into the Christmas spirit when everyone you know is still wearing flip-flops and shorts, and it's somewhere in the neighborhood of 80 outside. Despite all of this, we put up our Christmas tree shortly after we got back here from Alabama.
It's a cute tree, and a bit short. I miss some of the traditional ordinments that we hang at home. Our tree needs a golden snowflake, a little sheperd boy, and a bell. But it does have a few really sweet things: a tree skirt I made myself, and the raindeer that my grandparents got me for my first Christmas.


jsarber said...

I would absolutely love for it to be 80 degrees outside. It's 20 degrees here in Indiana.

strem said...

The treeskirt is beautiful. And, I too love hanging those old ornaments. I have a few at my house, and I always enjoy seeing others on the tree when I go home to see my parents.