Thursday, December 27, 2007

Merry Christmas!!!

So I hope everyone out there in blogger land had a very Merry Christmas! I sure that you are all still enjoying lots of food, lots of gifts, and undoubtable family and friends, as very few of you have posted in the last week.

We have had a busy and mostly fun time as well. I have been very sad this month about not being able to go home for Christmas, and it was hard to be so very far from my family. Things worked out pretty well here though. Last Friday, Gary has his work Christmas party. They took us to a nice resturant and then bought tickets for everyone to go and see the Rockettes. They were very cool. The last scene was really moving. They did a nativity and over the background read scripture. Here is a picture of us from there.

Last Saturday, we had Christmas with Gary's father's mother (a Cunningham Christmas). They fed us this huge breakfast, and then expected us to eat a huge lunch. The most eventful part of the day was remote control helocopters. Gary's dad and uncle have one so they decided to get one for his grandfather. Well, they managed to break two and so far the third one is still alive. Grandmaw Bea was none too excited at how much of the popcorn Papa J, knocked off the ceiling.

Then on Christmas Eve, they had Christmas with Gary's mother's family (The Varnum Doings). There were like a gazillion people there (I don't think Gary even knew them all) and the Abernathys were invited. After lunch and presents, we sung out of the church hymnals for several hours, till no one had the voice to sing anymore.

Christmas day was very heckic. Mother and Daddy since we were very small decided to stay home. That we could go and visit everyone on other days, but Christmas day was Mother's day. We always have our stocking and book bags (we always get the same Christmas bag every year full of new books). Then we eat breakfast, and then open presents. Sometimes in the afternoon Grandmother and Granddaddy come by for snacks and a late lunch. All in all it's very relaxed and we spend alot of time together.

Down here it was the complete opposite. When we got home on Christmas Eve, Gary and I had to finish his mother's scrapbook for Christmas. Since we were still up at Midnight, my childish husband, begged to open presents. We finally made it to bed, only to have to be at Mom and Dad's at 9:00. They stuffed us full of food, and then we openned presents. Gary and his brother both got helicopters, and Gary went outside and promptly got his stuck 40 to 50 feet up in an oak tree. In order to get it out they pulled out the 25 foot ladder and up Gary went, then he went about that far up into the tree. The boy is too old for such silliness, I should have taken a picture.

Then at 2:00 we had to be at Granna's (Gary's mother's mother) Christmas. We played Dirty Santa (thought they call it white elephant down here) and ate a big lunch. By the time we left at 6:30 Gary and I could hardly stay awake to drive home.

Like Strem I made most of my presents this year. However, as my parents won't get their's until my brother gets home from visisting me over New Years, I am going to wait to post them.


Queen B said...

That's a great picture of you and Gary by the Christmas tree. I am happy for you two!

strem said...

I agree. Just beautiful (and handsome!) ;) You sure did run around a lot, but I hope it was a wonderful time. I wasn't able to stay home as long as I would have liked, but I truly enjoyed my time at home with my family. I can't wait to go home again for a few days at the end of January since my December visit was cut short by work. I've missed you!