Tuesday, August 23, 2016

The Gardians of the Trucks: Last Battle Story

So, the snake came (lots of sound effects) super fast right at them, until the tank went BOOM with his firing bomb.  Then the tiger runs as fast as he can.  Heatwave transforms, and the tiger bleeds.  Then the Alpha was so angry he throws the whole team at once, but Dozer knew what to do.  He drove  (more sound effects). Carnotaurus attacked with his claws, but it didn't harm the big truck.  the tank was so angry he went right at the Alpha (lots of banging).  The tank tipped over.  Carnotaurus attacked again.  He bounced off a tank, and all the other trucks, but the helicopter flew away, firing.  He attacked, and the helicopter crashed.  The tank flips back over, it's no longer upside down.  The Indominious Rex tipped over another truck, then the Dozer tractor pushed him.  Then pushed his tail, then pushed his tummy, then pushed his head, and buried him.  Then the Indominious Rex used his teeth and through him, but he flipped himself back over to the right side and bumped him.  Then the giant snake came and took down the helicopter.  He tried to shot him, but the snake is bullet proof and fire proof.  But he wasn't cannon proof.

The Alpha flies. He froze them all except the tank.  But the tank knew what to do, even if it might hurt the other time.  Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom, his cannon shot the ice off the rest of his team.  The Carnotaurus broke out of the ice with his horns somehow.  Then he jumped right on the tank.  Boom, Boom, Boom again.  The dump truck flips him all the way up into space (more sound effects for a while) all the way onto the moon.  The helicopter can fly again, but when the Alpha saw him he roared like a storm and froze the helicopter.  So many booms broke the ice, and the tank said there is only one way to win this battle, we have to defeat the boss.  He gathered the toughest of his team to go Dump Truck, Dozer, and the other tank.  The three bravest of his team, went to destroy the boss, the Alpha.  The Helicopter and Heatwave and the little Dozer tracker will take care of the rest.  The Alpha struck with his ice, but missed them all.  So then the tank shot him at the top of the mountain, and he shot him again, and he is dead.  To make sure he puts his gun in his heart and BAM.  After the battle though he was still alive.  I'll get you next time he grunts.  The End. (story dictated by and all photos taken by Britt)

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