Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Ancient Writing

Last month we made ancient writing for school.  Ancient writing is a kind of reading with pictures of what happened a long time ago.  This kind of ancient writing is called cuneiform.  We also studied hieroglyphs.  Cuneiform is where people write things way, way long ago, past a few centuries and years.  Over time clay tablets start to break like everything and they are heavy, so apparently you have to do important things on there.  Like records.  The Egyptians learned to make paper so they started doing heiroglyphs on it.  But you know paper can get ruined by alot of stuff like fire and water, or over time turn into paper.  So even though we do that alot with paper, we should do things with other things too.  So we don't really know alot about Egypt when they wrote with paper, but we know alot about when they wrote on clay tablets or in stone.

My ancient writing didn't work out well.  We had to do it in a special sunny spot, or it wouldn't work.  We put it in the sun to bake, but it rained so much and got wet so much, when they were almost done, that it messed up all the play-dough.  I made a t-Rex and a triceratops but I can't remember the rest of it.  It has been my favorite part of school so far.  I hope we make Egyptian writing too.

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