Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Swimming Like a Fish

I like swimming because I can swim super far with one arm.  And it's super fun with Daddy, Britt, and Rebecca.  I like it because I know have my new very own floaty.  It is pink and it glows.  And I also got a beach ball from Aunt Heather for my birthday.  I use to be scared because I couldn't touch the bottom.  Now I know I can touch the bottom, but at Granddaddy Garland's pool I can't.  But I know I can make it and come back.  I only like swimming under water, because it's the funest kind of swimming.  I like to practice doing a loopy-loop under water.

It's super easy for mermaids, because they are born in the water.  Some die in the water too.  Them are super good swimmers.  I want to become a super good swimmer too.  And swimming is more fun with people.  Me and Daddy playing beach ball.  Daddy and Aunt Joan was on one team, and all the kids was on the other team.  Swimming is also fun because I have swimming toys and swimming stuff.

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