Wednesday, August 24, 2016

My New Fishing Stuff

I love to fish so much that I asked for fake bait for my birthday.  I have red fake worms and pink fake worms.  I buyed them from Bass Pro Shop with money from Grandmother and Granddaddy for my birthday.  And I got me a little fishing thing with two hooks to catch the fish with.  I also got a pink feathery thing like Daddy's yellow feathery thing he uses to fish with.  Memaw also got me a fishing shirt to wear when I fish with Daddy.  I have only tried out the fake worms so far.  Daddy says I have to get good at using fake worms, before trying the other stuff.  We almost caught a fish with the red worm, but not yet with my pink worm.  The fish got away, it wasn't hooked enough.  But I got to through back Dancy-Flippy, a little fish Daddy caught.  Rebecca named it that because she said it looked like it was dancing when Daddy flipped it.  Fishing is probably my favorite thing to do with Daddy.  It so fun going fishing with Daddy.  Yesterday, we caught a peacock bass and a normal bass.  The bad news is that we caught a gar and he threw him over against the tree, and me and Rebecca told him, "Yous in time out!"  Rebecca is still practicing casting she isn't as good as me yet, but I think she is better than Britt.  Britt caught a big fish yesterday.  He was excited, but as he was reeling it in, it got away.  And Daddy was right about those red worms, I got alot of bites.  But them got away.  The end.

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