Sunday, June 26, 2016

My letter to Britt

Dear son,

It seems like another year has come and passed. You had some major changes since last year. Some good, some worse, and other just more challenges in life. We are now living back in Florida. The home we are living in now has lots of cool or fun things to do, with the swimming pool and canal in the backyard, and the park not even 100 feet away. There are lots of new fun things to keep us occupied. Now that you are seven we have more expectations of you. You have more responsibilities around the house. I just need you to grow 4 more inches so that you can reach the pedals of the lawn mower. Your chores have matured. Momma is teaching how how to separate the clothes what goes with which in doing the laundry.

You are finishing your third year of homeschooling. As a Momma can attest to there are somethings you have picked up well enough, but there are other things that you still struggle with. I want you to press harder, so you can do more of what you enjoy like science. Or that we can do more board games when you are faster at math and a stronger reader. You are starting to read everything by ourself, though slowly. Your mother is really nervous for your first school evaluation this week. Someone else will be looking at your skills, knowledge and abilities. But I think you will do just fine.

I guess you can officially swim without needing any floaters. But I wouldn't say it is very graceful. You are better than your mother though, and that says something. You rode your first medium sized roller coaster at the Southeast Florida fair. Ruth was all upset that she couldn't go due to the height restriction, but you didn't like it at all. It wasn't the fast speed going down, but the way the cart would spin and twist on its own. Let's just say I got a good laugh out of it. You have also finished your second year of baseball. Somethings you really began to improve on.seemed like at the end you were doing much better at hitting, but you still have a ways to go on your defense. You have also learned how to tie your shoelaces. You caught your very first bass by yourself this year. You are getting better at throwing your rod and reel on your own.

Things we want to do this next year, riding your bike, and work more with your golf clubs you got from Memaw and Mister. I hope to see you improve your fielding and throwing with baseball, and of course be a more accomplished swimmer so that you don't struggle in the deep end as much. It has been good that you have been trying to help with song leading in Church. Hopefully we can work on your leading skills, and teach you to pitch the ones you know well on your own. We are also looking to find a more permanent home to buy. Hopefully you will be able to start staying in your own room at night. Then you can also pick out your own decor, but you need to choose one them not 17. Of course I have to approve the final scheme because I know one thing it is not going to be.

I guess the thing I would like to work with you on this year is manly curtesy. There are lots of rules to being courteous that you should know. You should know to run out and open the door for others, particularly your mother and sisters. Not just to walk threw but to hold it. There are other jobs around the house like handling the trash or scraps. Messy things that might wiggle or crawl around. Things that might be gross. Or things that require a little more lifting that your sisters can't do. These jobs my seem silly. You may think why do I have to do them. But there is a purpose, in order for you to be respectful to others, particularly toward ladies, these jobs will encourage you to do the hard stuff. I hope you will learn that nothing is beneath you, and that you can do anything. It is important to be courteous and kind because it is honorable.

It seems like every year more things change than stay the same, we will see what new things will come along next. We look forward to the next year of more homeschool and exploring South Florida. And we like you, your mother might like you a little more than me. Your mother is now glaring at me. I love you.


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