Wednesday, June 08, 2016

My Planner

I wanted a planner cause I could keep all my school work in it, and all my plans that I want to do.  And I am going to plan a day only me and Daddy so we can go to Applebee's.  It's my favorite place to eat.  It is super fun having a planner, cause you can write down everything you are going to do, like going to big movie theatres.  The stickers are helpful because they tell you what week it will be.  This week is a Frozen week, and next week will be an Ariel week.  It is so fun to put all the stickers on where I want them.  It's the funnest part of planning.  Momma got me the planner to try out, she let me pick out some of my very own washi tape too.  She writes down my school work, and I check it off after I do it.  When Momma does the planner with me, her sometimes lets me use some of her washi.  On the bottom part of my planner I write a story about my day.  I like that part.  I can write about anything I want to there.  Momma says I have better handwriting than Britt, and I almost have better handwriting than Unca Benji.

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