Tuesday, June 07, 2016

My Skeleton T-Rex

The first time I saw my skeleton T-Rex it was in a white box at Walmart.  I knew I really wanted it because I knew how much I loved dinosaurs.  I was trying to save up $88.  But then I accidentally broke a window and I had to save up the money two times.  When I went to Walmart, they were out, so Momma looked online and found it for $81.  So Momma packaged the money in through the computer, and I picked it up at Walmart.  At first it was easy to save my money, but after I broke the window and had to start all over it became super hard.  I told Granddaddy when he gave me some money, that I was not going to spend one dollar of it for anything till I get the skeleton T-Rex, and that word I kept.  And I meant it.  I learned that it is hard to save up money, when you want to do alot of things that take money. But I'm glad that I got the skeleton T-Rex and that not everything doesn't cost money.  Like swimming in my swimming pool doesn't cost money.  And fishing with Daddy in my canal doesn't cost money.  Sleeping doesn't cost money either, and neither does Momma.  Haircuts need a little money, but not much.  But I don't pay for them, so I don't worry about that.

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