Thursday, July 07, 2016

Our 9th Anniversary

7-3-2016, Out at Abigail's Swing.
My Dearest Gary Britt,

The last year has been a year of great difficulty.  A week after I wrote last year's letter we found ourselves again unemployed.  A month and a half after I wrote last year's letter we stood in the Church yard on a sweltering day as I watched you bury our baby.  Nearly four months after I wrote last year's letter, I told you goodbye as you started a new job in South Florida, and I was left to figure out how to manage three kids, grief, and the packing up of our house.  I don't think I exaggerate when I say that it has been hardest year in our lives.

But as miserable as this year has been at times, you have remained the silver lining.  I have watched you once again build a career, without losing your belief in the goodness of others.  That at their core, most folks want to do what is right and work with others.  I have watched you gamble it all on this job, never doubting that some day in 25 or 30 years that you will retire from this company.  Most of all I've seen your patience with me reach a whole new level in this year.  You've dealt with my anger, and my doubts, and my fears.  But most of all you have be a support and comfort in my depression and sadness.  You have never once told me to man up or get over it.  You have never treated me like I am broken, even though I often feel to be beyond repair.

7-4-2016, Sunset at Anna Maria Island.
And so today, because I love you, before our Church Meeting starts tonight, I'm going deep sea fishing with you for our anniversary.  Even though to say that I am apprehensive and that it isn't my idea of a good time, is a serious understatement.  And maybe in this next year we can dream again.

I love you, and thank God for you,
~your dani~

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