Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Speed Boy and His Family

I came up with a new superhero.  His name is Speed Boy.  He has a family of super heroes.  His daddy's power is super strength.  His mother's power is she can become invisible.  Ruth's power is that she can read people's minds.  Then there is Rebecca, I mean his other little sister, and her power is that she can be invisible only in the water.  Speed Boy is a little like Dash in the Incredibles movie, except he can only run on land.  Then an evil robot shows up to come and attack the city.  His dad says, "Team, fight that robot."  Suddenly when he goes to smash the robot, he shoots his claw out so that he can't get it.  But then Ruth reads the robot's mind, and speed Boy goes round and round so he gets dizzy.  Then Momma jumps on and the daddy smashes it to the ground and shoots it with it's own claw.  then they live happily ever after the end.

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