Monday, February 08, 2016

7 Years With Britt


You have been 7 for a couple of weeks now.  It is always hard for me to believe that my firstborn could be so old.  This year has really been a year of growth and change for you.

All those questions I wrote last year about you asking, you continue to ask.  But you have also chosen to act on them as well.  You asked about joining the Church the beginning of April, so we spent a month talking with you, discussing what a big decision it was.  We wanted to be sure you understood what your confession of faith was, that it wasn't just a decision to making Momma and Daddy happy, or something you hadn't given thought to.  We also wanted to be sure that you understood that it was more than just a confession of faith, but a promise, a lifetime commitment.  In May you asked the Church to join and then were baptized.

We again had a period of unemployment this year, which resulted in a move back across the country to Florida for Daddy's new job.  For the first time in your life you weren't excited about a move.  Pennsylvania had undoubtable become home for you.  Even know you ask when we can go back and visit, and often say that you miss your friends and your hideout in the woods there.  You like what is comfortable and known, and I cannot blame you too much as I am the same way.  Even in this move though you have shown alot of maturity, especially when talking about the different Churches we have visited and share your thoughts on where we should be members at.

You have also been forced to grow in another way, a way that we didn't want.  We lost our baby this year, and death which was reserved for the bad guys in the superhero movies that you and Daddy love to watch together, has become very real for you.  The permanence of it, and questions of Heaven come up often now.  You talk about things you wanted to do with Abigail, and often go out to her stone after Church on Sundays.  You always ask me if you can go and "see Abigail".  Then, when I look out the window, I often see you standing there talking with no one else around.  I often feel at a loss as to how to talk to you about it or comfort you, as I don't know what to even do for myself.

You continue to enjoy homeschooling, and I will confess to having used the threat of putting you in public school more than a time or two when you will not cooperate with me.  I still enjoy teaching you.  Science I believe remains your favorite subject this year we have studied the weather and seasons, and now are learning all about the human body, an area you have wanted to learn about for some time.  You continue to do very well at math, though you don't enjoy it that much.  It won't be much longer before you complete your Alpha book and will be ready for Beta.  Your reading just over the summer months improved alot, and you know alot of sight words and can read short vowels.  The current reading book we are in will teach you long vowels, and then I've told you that if you work hard and are diligent, you will be able to read anything, it'll just be a matter of learning what new words mean.

You are compassionate and caring about your sisters in a way that often surprises me.  You attention to them and devotion is something I don't see often in boys.  You make a point to include Ruth as much as possible.  And Rebecca never seems to be a bother to you.  You still ask for a brother, and perhaps you will get one, but I often wonder what the dynamic will be like with the age gap that you would now have.

You wanted to play t-ball last year and did.  You don't have much skill yet, but you do have alot of fun.  And even though you are bummed out about not being able to play for the Gratz Grizzlies again this year, you did want to play again.  You will be playing baseball, and I'm curious to see how you will do.  I hope the experience will teach you to be more coachable.  It is a skill you need not only in baseball (and in schooling) but a life lesson.  You often think you know everything, or that no one can help you to do something better.  It's one area I hope to see you grow in this coming year.

I don't know what the next year will hold.  But Little Boy, I know that mine and your Daddy's love for you will be a constant.


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