Friday, February 26, 2016

Indiana Jones

Indiana Jones doesn't go anywhere without his hat.  He has a whip and he is afraid of snakes, because in number 3, when he was kid, he feel in a snake pit.  There was a venomous snake with long fangs.  Once he feel in a lion cart, and that's where he got his whip.  The first time he used it, he got his cheek, but after that he got the lion. His nickname is Indie.  The Holy Grail was stole by the "Natzis" and he had to stop them.  He stop them, but the holy grail and water won't really make you live forever, that part is not true.  Momma says Indiana Jones is still alive.  He found the cross that was stole from a museum.  Then he was on a boat trying to get it back.  It almost washed off but he caught it and said, "It belongs in a museum."  Then the bad guys fell off the boat in a stormy night.  Then the "Natzis" come in a big tank and he sticks a rock in the tank gun and it explodes.  Then he almost falls off with the tank and some of the "Yahtzees."  His dad thought he died, but he climbed back up and his hat blew back.

I like Indiana Jones because he goes on great adventures, and because he's also just like a cowboy.  When I grow up I'm going to be an archeologist that helps Indiana Jones, and I'm going to have a whip and a hat just like him.  I like the hat better than other kinds of hats, because it's like Indiana Jones, and it's been on so many adventures with me, just like Niagra Falls where it got so wet. My first hat got lost, but Ss. Kate got me a new one.  Ad it's just like the old one.  I'm going to wear it everywhere too, yesterday I wore it to baseball practice.

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