Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Party Games

Friday will be my birthday.  I'm going to have a birthday party.  I invited Lilli, Julia, and Brystal my cousins, I also invited Brady, Phillip, and Jessica.  I wanted to invite Sebastian and Zane, but Momma says they can't come from Pennsylvania.  Memaw and Mister are invited two and Uncle James and Aunt Manna and Aunt Joan and Aunt Heather.  I wanted to invite Grumps and Ahna but Momma said they can't come either right now.

I'm going to have a transformer, swimming, sleepover party.  I have lots of party games planned.  First will be tug o war.  The next game is dress up.  But after you are done wearing it, you have to put it back in the guest room, because we don't have a place to unpack that stuff yet.  The next game is music chairs.  Then we'll color anything we want.  The rest of the games will be a surprise.  Then we'll have supper.  I wanted corn on the cob and hot dogs, but Daddy is making pork chops for the grown ups.  Then we'll sing happy birthday and I'll blow out my candles and eat cake.  I'm going to have a transformer cake, with orange on it.  It's my favorite color.  And then we open presents.  Then at night, we go swimming, right before bed, when we can turn on the cool lights.

I can't wait.

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