Tuesday, January 12, 2016

My Superhero Story

There are alot of superheroes I like.  My favorite is named Optimus Prime.  Little Spiderman and Big Spider Man work together to defeat the Alpha.  Ironman is stuck, but he still has his blasters in his hands and feet.  Leonardo and Donatello are trying to kick his tail off, but it isn't working as planned.  Then Big Spider Man tried to shoot a web at the Alpha, but he accidentally shot Little Britt as he was about to take off in his saddle ship.  Then Yoshi went round and round till he got dizzy and crashed into Spiderman.  Optimus Prime grabbed the frill behind his horns, and filled the Alpha onto his back.  Little Spiderman pulled Ironman out of the Alpha's tusk, rolling him over.  The Alpha tries to freeze Ironman, but Captain America throws his shield in his mouth just in time and it gets stuck in ice instead.Then Ironman blasted him with one of his hands.  And then Optimus Prime threw Leonard and he hit the Alpha.  Optimus Prime then pulled off his tail, and the Ninja Turtles beat him up and pulled off one of his legs.  Captain America crashed his motorcycle into the Alpha, and it exploded, but he and his shields were ok.  Then when the Alpha came out of the fire, instead of breaking ice, he breathed cold fire.  Big Spider Man jumped and shot him with his webs, wrapping him up so he couldn't fly.  Then Ironman blasted off his leg so that he had two peg legs.  Then Optimus Prime kicked off his other arms, so he didn't have any arms.  The Alpha was about to escape, when Donatello climbed up his back, and covered his eyes, smashing him into the ground head first.  Little Britt on his saddle ship shot him right in his mouth, breaking off his tusk.  The Alpha shot cold fire and blasted the ship, then as Little Britt jumped out, Captain America got him.  Then they all stood up together, and hit the Alpha at once, crushing him to pieces like a puzzle.  The only thing that was left was his two broken chains.  They said, "We have saved the day."

The End.


MrsJOFCIII said...

More lol!

But, we are an Avengers household 110%, so I was riveted by the roles of Cap and IronMan in the defeat of Alpha (whatever Alpha is)

Dani said...

The Alpha is actually the head of all the dragons in the "How to Train Your Dragon 2" movie. Today he played the staring role of bad guy.