Tuesday, January 12, 2016


There was a baby lizard in our house, and I caught it on her tail.  Then we put her on Abigail's flower.  That baby lizard was so cute.  I named it Tiny Tiny.  I do have another friend lizard named Diamond, but it was way bigger than that lizard we put on Abigail's flower.  I can't wait to catch another lizard.  I might catch a different lizard or a different lizard.  There are a lot of lizards at our house.  I like them because they are so cute.  Yesterday I saw a lizard in the mail box.  The lizard was big, even bigger than Diamond, his name was Big Big.  I haven't named all the lizards yet, because I just got to this house, and I'm still looking for them all.


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Also they look so grown up, especially Britt