Tuesday, January 05, 2016

"Rescue Bots, Roll to the Rescue"

Optimus Prime is my favorite of the transformers.  Heat Wave is my next favorite.  He is a fire truck.  And there is Bubble Bee too, and he speaks like this "buzz, buzz, buzz."  Just like a bee.  There is Blades that turns into a helicopter.  They fight 'ceptacons.  They turn into planes, but Rescue Bots, they turn into cars.  There is Chase, who is a police truck.  And Casey Burns is the chief.  Cody sometimes talks to them when they don't have to fight.  And there is Boulder who is a dozer truck, he can push alot of dirt or fertilizer or stuff.  He can also push alot of rocks at one time.  Optimus Prime is a semi truck.  He gave the rescue bots a mission to be a great team, to earn the respect and save people, because earth is their new home.  They can lift cars and alot of things in robot mode, but they pretended to be trucks.  They were from different planets until their home got destroyed.

I like transformers alot.  A few days ago, Momma got me transformer stickers.  I used them on my birthday week in her planner.  She said she'd leave them there forever.  We covered up all the pink on my birthday week, but only on my birthday week, not the other pages.  It's a kind of art, I treat it like it is anyway.  I like to do it with Momma. I hope she gets me a transformer's cake.

And Unca Nick and Aunt Alex got me two transformers for Christmas.  They were my favorite present.  And Donatello too.  He got me Optimus Prime and Sideswipe.  I like to pretend that they are brothers.

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