Wednesday, January 06, 2016

My Faerie House

I painted a faerie house that Daddy got me for Christmas.  I used red paint for the roof, and it looks perfect with my pink and white and orange and purple on my house.  A faerie hasn't moved in yet, we'll put it out when we get the faerie garden ready.  It will be outside of Momma's bathroom.

I have lots of plans to get my faerie garden ready.  I pulled out the weeds and picked up the dead leaves.  There are some flower pots for me to plant some flowers in for the faeries to see out one of their windows.  I can't wait for them to move into my faerie house.  I want to put it out today, because it would be so fantastic, but it's not ready.  I found crystals and moss, and I know faeries like crystals and moss.  So I'm going to keep all those little diamonds and pearls with my garden.  We are going to build something that we can put real flowers in and it go up on the walls.  I want to take the white thing and make it pink.  And we need to paint some more stuff out there, because it's losing color because it was there for a long time.  I'm going to have so much fun with my faerie house and garden.

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