Wednesday, August 26, 2015

My Birthday Party

For my birthday, I waked up in the morning.  I wanted to play Mario with Britt, but I couldn't because the wii wasn't working.  So I was playing a game with him instead.  Then I went to the library for the program and to play.  Next we went to the earring store.  There it hurted when they put in the earrings, but I was happy I got a lolly pop.  I picked some heart earrings, I am glad I got them .  I have some white stuff that you can see through, and I put it on a white cotton ball and I put it on my ear, so they won't get sick or turn pink.  Then I got to eat at Isaac's.  I eated Rainbow Bread and made a sandwich, the best marshmallow, peanut butter, and jelly sandwich on rainbow bread ever.  Then we went to the grocery stores.

When we got home I got to have a Monkey Cake.  I took a deep breath and whoooo blew out the one big candle.  It was the best birthday cake ever.  Then we opened presents.  I got a beautiful dress with a purse and gloves from Unca Nick and Aunt Alex.  I also got pink legos from 'Emaw and Mister.  I also got some 2 books a fairy book and a horse book from Ahna and Grumps.  And two other books from Momma and Daddy.  Daddy got me a balloon, and it was a Minion balloon.

I really like my Monkey cake cause it had a monkey on it, and I always wanted a monkey birthday cake.  It was the funnest birthday.  The best part was when I took a big breath and blew out the candle and Momma didn't even get a picture of it. Haha!

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