Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Losing My First Tooth

I had two loose teeth.  One has been really loose for a little while.  I have tried wrestling with Daddy to get it out.  I used my tongue to exercise it.  I would brush my teeth without the toothpaste, extra to get it loose.  Me and Daddy tried some candy that is very sticky to get it out.  It was called Sugar Daddy.  And Daddy tried to pull it out with floss and with string and with his hands and with pliers.  He couldn't get a good grip.  Nothing worked.

8-1, Daddy attempting to remove it for the first time, with pliers.
But Saturday we were at the special kind of park.  The library had a party at the park for the end of summer reading.  Ruth got beads on her hair, and we all played in the sand box.  Then we went to take pictures with the library superheros.  And while we were waiting in line, I hit my tongue against my tooth, and I felt it moving around by my check, and I got it out of my mouth, and gave it to Momma.  Daddy put it in his little bitty pocket.  Then we got a balloon place, and we got one.  It popped and I cried a little bit because I really liked my elephant, and the place only comes once a year.  We got our fingers printed somehow and I wrestled with Daddy before we left.  Then we went down to the park where there was a slide and ladder and monkey bars and stuff.  Then we left and went to Zane and Cheris's house for a bit, then we left and went home.  Then we ate supper -  steak with BBQ sauce, and macaroni and cheese, and some lettuce.  After that we went and I got dessert, and I had a shower before I ate dessert.  I got on my penguin pajamas after my shower.  My desert was more macaroni and cheese.  After my dessert I got to make this post from Britt.  And now I'm going to put it under my pillow and wait for the tooth fairy.

8-22, He lost the bottom left (when looking at him), the tooth behind it has moved
so much that it helped finally push this one out.  The front tooth beside it is loose too.
I think that the tooth fairies are nocturnal, because they work all night and sleep during the day.  I wonder where they get the money from.  Do they use their magic to steal it?  How can they carry it if they are so little.  And if they are so little why do they need the same kind of magic that Santa Claus needs where they only come when you are asleep?  I hope they give me $7 for my tooth, Momma says that my tooth is so little it can't possibly be worth that much.  $10 would be even better.

I got our faerie name and info from this site.
So the tooth fairy came and it's the only fairy I know is real right now, if other fairies are real.  She said she does not steal money from stores.  I did like my note, she is a good writer.  She says she is nocturnal, but you can sometimes see her at combine harvest time like corn and stuff.  She left me 2 gold dollar coins.  Now all the rest of the teeth, you get one dollar for, cause a tooth is worth one dollar.  For your first tooth though you get 2 dollar coins.  I want to write a note back, but Momma said that she only comes when a tooth is lost, so I said to Momma, the next time I'm going to lose another tooth, I'll put a letter with my tooth.  I think she is very small, so I don't think I'll be able to see the tooth fairy.  My card on the inside was purple, and it had purple words, and a white tooth, and a picture of her.  Her dress was marshmellow petal flowers.  We looked for pictures of reed marshes to see what it looked like where she lives.  I like my tooth fairy.  I thought boys got boy tooth fairies, and girls got girl tooth fairies, but mine is a girl.

8-23, My golden dollars.

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