Thursday, August 27, 2015

Weather Discovery Center

Last week we took a field trip to Punxsutawney to the Weather Discovery Center to wrap up our unit study on weather.  I thought it was a good tie in, and since I didn't feel like making that drive back in February for Groundhog Day, it was our first chance to travel over there.  The museum was small but very hands on for the kids.  Gary best enjoyed the machine that made lightning, and Ruth agreed with him, liking how the static electricity made her hair stand on end.  Britt best liked the weather movie, and the room where we worked together to create the conditions for a thunderstorm.  They all enjoyed the wind tunnel slide, that was suppose to mimic a tornado.  But Rebecca's very favorite part was the section where they talked about how animal signs have been used by farmers among others to determine coming weather.  In fact, her very favorite part was petting and talking to the bull frogs who she was convinced were real.  She hugged and kissed on them, and asked to take one home.

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