Saturday, August 22, 2015

Baby's Got a New Ride

 So at the beginning of the year, I mentioned we had a goal to get a bigger car this year.  Though we didn't mention it at the time, it was primarily because we were hoping to have a 4th child this year, and the Kia only seats five.  The goal was to sell the Kia for a good price, and get something used for cash at a really good price by the end of the year.  So, toward that end Gary has been watching car prices on line.  We figured we were looking for a used van with around 100K miles on it.  Something this is still in good shape though, that I can drive for at least a few years till it wears out.  It'll only take a few years more to pay off the student loans, then we could move up in car.

So last week, Gary found a few promising leads - both minivans and SUVs.  So we spent the first part of the week doing school in the car and at the dealerships, while Gary talked and test drove vehicles.  Tuesday night he found what I think was a steal.  But they wouldn't take a personal check or an Electronic transfer from the bank, so we got on the phone with Powernet on Wednesday and worked out for them to mail a check.  Everything was taken care of so this past Tuesday, a week after the fact, we went back signed all the paperwork, and said good bye to the Kia.

Even though we both agree now, buying a new car was a mistake, the Kia was a great car.  It never gave us any trouble.  It's been a safe and reliable vehicle.  I would have been content to drive it for several more years, if it wasn't for the size and need to fit more car seats.  Ruth was a little sad to see it go.  I admit I was a bit sentimental too, but mostly I was just glad to get this to do checked off my baby list.

The new car is a khaki and hunter green, 2003 Mercury Mountaineer and it seats 7.  It's got a lot less mileage than our 2009 Kia Sportage did (those trips to see the family add up quickly).  It also has backup sensors, which is something neither of us has ever had before in a car.  Another bonus for us is that it has a tape deck and a cd player in it.  We've been talking lately about needing to find some way to copy all of our old singing tapes to cd.  We don't get to go to so many PB meetings up here, and so we haven't had a new singing cd for the car since 2013.  We are looking forward to pulling some out tomorrow for the ride to Church.  We did have to give up the Aux line that I used to play the ipod over the speakers, but all that stuff is on cd, so I can always pull those out to rotate in the car.  It's got alot of great pluses for us since our car was a basic package and this had more luxury items, like more comfortable seats (that are also heated) and side mirrors that heat and defog/deice themselves.  Nothing we needed, but I imagine it will be nice if we are still in PA this winter.  This car is an all wheel drive, which will also be a needed improvement over the Kia this winter.  The car also runs quieter, I think, than the Kia did with less road noise.  I drove it for the first time yesterday.  it's a little bit slower to stop being bigger and heavier, but other than that I was surprised how nice it drove.  I didn't have any trouble parking or backing out which is something I worried a bit about.  Gary also replaced a windshield wiper, and this morning carried it by our local mechanic.  He changed the oil and looked it over, and we should be good for a while.  The BIGGEST plus so far though, is that Britt and Ruth both desperately wanted to sit in the very back, so we moved them back there, and it's AMAZING just how quiet it is to drive somewhere now.  Gary and I can carry on our own conversations even.  The only real downsides are that we have a little less luggage and storage space than I would have hoped for, but we really couldn't beat the price at all.  And we can always put the topper on the top of the car for trips home.

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