Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Story Time With Unca Benji

Last week, Ruth told you how we went to Auburn to visit Unca Benji, but she left out the most important part of the day. After roaming around campus, we were all hungry, and I sat between Unca Benji and Momma. While we were waiting on our food, I got Unca Benji to tell me lots and lots of stories. Momma said that I could only post of the four good stories that he told me, but I got Daddy to help me edit this video to include more stories. I never get tired of listen to dragon stories. Momma says she doesn't know what I like about these grusome stories Unca Benji tells me, but I like them they are different and funny. Besides, you never know what might happen next in one of Unca Benji's stories.

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Hannah Sue said...

lol he is going to mess up Britt's whole schema about cat-dog relationships