Thursday, October 13, 2011

Her Second ER Trip

As most of you have probably heard by now, Ruth had a run in with a TV tray back at our house on Monday afternoon. It was a nice, but busy day. I did alot of final cleaning, so that we could come home to a clean house. I had already packed the kids stuff, I was running the final load of laundry before packing our stuff. Gary had already cleaned out the car, taken care of some projects that needed attention before we left, and had decided to take a nap in his chair. Britt was down for a late nap. I was waiting for the paint to dry on a project for a friend, before I could finish it up. So while Ruth amused her self with a few dolls and a book in the middle of our floor, I decided to try to finish my book, so that I could return it to the library before we left for Alabama. I would read a few pages and stop to verify that she wasn't eating anything she discovered in the floor or attempting to climb our bookcase again. She would periodically come and bring me something to show me before going back to playing in the middle of the floor.
At one point, I looked up and she was attempting to stand and move Gary's tv tray across the center of the room. Gary had it out clipping coupons Sunday evening, something he does pretty often these days. That morning he had put the coupons away and gone grocery shopping, while vacuuming and cleaning I thought I need to put that away so Ruth doesn't turn it over, but I got side tracked with another project. I was leaning forward to get up, go get it, and put it away when she put weight on it wrong and flipped it over her head, and fell landing partially on top of it. She started screaming, Gary jumped up and I grabbed her up and started rocking her. She just wouldn't settle down and so after a minute I pulled her back to talk to her, and saw blood running all down her check. Sure enough she had cut her check just under her eye all the way across, and it was gaping open a little bit.
Gary saw no need to carry her in, it wasn't right at her eye, and it didn't look to deep, but I thought she needed to see a doctor, it looked deep to me and did want to stop bleeding. Gary called his folks for a second opinion, and his mom backed me up. So, we woke Britt dropped him off at Memaw's house, and took Ruth to the ER. After we got there, nearly an hour after it happened it had just about quit bleeding, and she didn't seem bothered at all. They took us right back and within 5 minutes the doctor came by and told us that it was just superficial nothing to worry about and it would heal up just fine. Since we were there though, he said he would put a little of that surgical glue on it, and that would probably decrease the amount of scarring. He said he'd be back in about 5 mins.
About 10 minutes later the "Stitches Guy" came back, cleaned it out and looked at it. He verified that it was just superficial, nothing to worry about and that the doctor would come back and take care of it. About an hour and a half later, they came in and apologized, both doctors thought the other one had taken care of it. So they wrapped her up, put a little tape on, then some glue, and held her still for 4 minutes while it dried. Ruth was NOT happy about being pined to the table and having a nurse hold her in a head lock. They wanted to be sure though that it didn't run back in her eye and glue it shut too though. After that they went to go and get our release papers, but right before the doctor could sign them he got called away on an emergency. So after about another half hour he made it back to sign the papers, so we could go.
She was sporting a bruise above her eye from the edge of the table, and one under her eye running along the cut from the metal bar under the table, but they haven't been as bad as I expected. She's got a bit of a black eye now, particularly under her eye, near the cut, but it hasn't seemed to slow her down or bother her one bit. I'm so thankful, if it had been too much higher it might have gotten her actual eye and that would have been bad.


Kelly Spezzano said...

second trip? I don't think I remember her first trip??? I am so thankful she is ok. I am such a worry wart, I would have had an ambulance on the way for Joshua (haha) There's been a couple times that Val has had to come over and re-assure me that it's "superficial" and no need for a hospital visit! Hope you all are enjoying your trip!

Dani said...

Gary says that when she was 4 days old and they decided to readmit her, counts as an ER trip.

Kelly Spezzano said...

Ok, gotcha! Thought I had missed something! That makes sense! :)