Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Calling the Cows

One of my favorite parts about where we live now, is that "cows live in our backyard." They spend alot of time laying under the trees during the day. Other times they eat grass way out in the pasture. But, every evening they make their way over to "come see me." They come and stand at the fence, and I talk to them. Sometimes they moo and talk back to me. I especially like to watch the calves, they run and jump alot. I always, make a point to look for the bull too, but usually "I don't see 'im." They are nice cows, and two of them love it when Momma scratches their face between their eyes, or by their ears. Sometimes I pet them too, but not usually, because then they want to lick you and their tongue is alot like a cat's but bigger and way more slobbery.

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