Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Cooking with Daddy

I like to watch Daddy cook. Sometimes I think I drive him a little batty, is always warning me that the stove is hot, hot and to back up when he opens the oven. He trips over me alot because I sneak up behind him to watch him cook. Daddy is a really good cook, everyone says so. Every now and then when I eat, I can attest to him being a good cook.
Friday night, Daddy was cooking while Momma got our clothes laid out for church. Daddy had put the okra in a bowl, and was stirring an egg in it. He left to go and turn the food on the grill, and Momma came back into the kitchen to wash dishes. I then pulled up my little chair next to Momma where Daddy left the okra, and I started stirring it, just like Daddy did. He then dumped it all into another bowl where the flour was, and he let me help him shake it up. I then got to stand by the counter and watch Daddy fry it. Since in was "my okra" I decided to try a bite for the first time. It wasn't bad. Maybe we'll try this cooking thing again sometime.

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lydia said...

What a good helper! It's good to start 'em young!