Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Swinging At the Park

I'm now big enough to swing with Britt at the park. I like swinging outside even better than I like my swinger in the house. I like the wind and the trees and all the sunshine. Britt and I have lots of fun swinging together. When Ahna and Grumps where here, I took a break in the middle to play with my rattle with Ahna. It was a fun game. I would play and then drop it, and she would fetch it EVERY time. Then I would take it back and grin at her, and we would do it all over again. While we were at the park, Daddy also taught me to play chicken. I'm not sure who had more fun doing that Daddy or Grumps, they were both laughing so much. Britt and I were trying to out squeal the other one. It was a great day.


strem said...

I LOVE these pictures and videos. I could watch and watch them. Little Ruth, when you were sitting there on Daddy's lap, you were the cutest! Those little legs and adorable cheeks. How adorable!

lydia said...

She looks so big in that swing! How fun!