Monday, April 11, 2011

Prayer Request

Updating the prayer request list tonight, we have added Sis. Janice the mother of Sis. Sherry Crawford. They found cancer and did surgery on her foot a few weeks back to remove it. The site where they did surgery appears to be healing well, and the skin graft seem to have taken. However, testing returned the news that the cancer had already spread to other parts of the body. they will be meeting with Doctors again this week to determine a course of action, and believe the will be removing more lymph nodes soon. They are a dear family, loving servants of Christ, and have been so wonderful to welcome, comfort and pray for our little family since moving up here and attending MacClenny Church. Please pray for Sis. Janice.

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Kelly Spezzano said...

Danielle, would you please also add Sister Faye Gassett to your prayer list. She has elevated cancer levels and fluid in her lungs. She has asked for prayer.