Saturday, April 09, 2011

Britt on the Moped...

Several of you may know that Gary bought a moped when we first moved to Gainesville. He had the idea that he could ride it to school and that way I would have a car when I needed one. Even though it was a good idea, it didn't really pan out so well. He rode it most of the summer and part of the fall, but I just didn't feel good about him on it, and he felt like we were a little to far away from campus for him to be able to make it through the traffic safely. We've been meaning to sell it, but we just haven't gotten around to it. Gary posted it on craigslist back a few weeks ago, and has been talking to a girl who has decided to buy it.
So of course, yesterday Gary was riding it around one last time to make sure everything worked alright, and of course Britt wanted a ride. So Gary carried him on a few loops around the parking lot. Britt of course, LOVED it and didn't want to quit riding. Gary told me if I wanted on it, this was my last chance. I might have ridden with him, but I had no interest in trying to drive it myself. Since there was no one to watch Britt if I got on with him, I just watched them ride. I can already tell Britt is going to be like Nicholas trying to go faster and faster, pulling stupid stunts on his bicycle and then losing teeth. I recall one particularly spectacular wreak, when I went to get Mother because I was sure he was either dead or had broken something. Within an hour he was at it again.

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