Thursday, April 07, 2011

"Grendy and Granmomer"

Grandmother and Granddaddy came down for a couple of weeks ago now. We hadn't seen any of my family since Christmas, so it was nice to have them come and visit. Britt had a great time with Grandmother making her read to him all day every day. I don't know how many times they read "Duck, Duck, Moose" and "A Mother for Choco" but I'm sure Grandmother has them memorized by now.
Granddaddy wooled the little boy a time or two, but Britt most especially loved giving him "running hugs." He would start running from a cross the room and tackle Granddaddy on the couch with a hug, giggle, and then go at it again. He loved showing Granddaddy all of his tools and his rocking horse, of course the little boy doesn't understand that Granddaddy made that rocking horse, but one day he'll get it.
Of course the both spoiled Ruth holding and rocking her all the time. She's just so cuddly and babbles so much now when she is held. Grandmother told her that next time she sees her that she had better be able to patty cake. She would just grin and laugh at Grandmother every time they patty caked. Granddaddy took lots of naps with her sleeping with him on his chest. She has missed all the extra cuddle time this week. And of course she tried a smidgen of ice cream. Something not to be repeated for several months anyway...

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